Roswell Spotlight Artist shares lighthearted works

Closing reception set for Aug. 6



ROSWELL, Ga. — One local artist’s mission is simple: to bring a little more joy to everyone’s lives.

“I don’t try to necessarily change the world with every piece,” artist and Roswell native Heather Lund said. “It’s not below me to only draw puppies wearing hats… I just love to make people laugh or smile.”

Throughout the summer, Lund has been the Spotlight Artist at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center, where her artwork has graced the entrance room of the theater. Her lighthearted pieces will still be available to view through August, and Lund herself will be present during a closing reception Aug. 6 featuring live music by Will Moore.

Most of the pieces have humorous undertones and feature animals. She is also frequently inspired by some of her favorite media, including “Game of Thrones,” “Steven Universe” and Wes Anderson movies.

Lund does not constrain herself with one type of media but explores a variety of paths.

“It really depends on the day,” she said. “Which is kind of weird for an illustrator. A lot of illustrators tend to reel it in and keep it really specific to their style.”

Her preferred media is watercolor, pen and ink. But she also dabbles in everything from acrylics to collages and frequently uses digital programs for her illustrations. Most the artwork at the gallery is screen-print or watercolor.

But her main goal is to “bring happiness” with each work and to keep creating art.

“Art is just a part of me at this point — to create is an outlet for me,” Lund said. “I always end up coming back to expressing myself through art just because it’s just so satisfying to me. Being able to do a craft with your hands and have a physical product afterwards is just something I love.”

Lund’s passion for art has been lifelong and began as early as 5. She said she became “obsessed” with the craft after watching artist Bob Ross on TV teaching viewers how to paint nature scenes.

Her parents were supportive and helped nurture Lund’s talents, which eventually helped her earn a bachelor’s degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She is now the only one in her family with an art background.

Lund did not go immediately into an art career after graduation, and instead ended up as an admissions counselor at SCAD’s Atlanta campus.

But she didn’t let that road bump stop her.

As a perk, Lund’s position at the college allowed her to take one free class per semester, which she fully took advantage of. It eventually led to her earning a master’s degree in illustration.

She has since been working for a marketing company, whose clients include Universal Studios, The Coca-Cola Company and Paula Dean.

“I’m lucky enough to have made my love of art into a career,” Lund said.

In her free time, she also teaches classes at The Art Place, a community arts center in Marietta. Her one piece of advice for budding artists is to always keep working at it.

“Always draw and always keep a sketchbook,” Lund said. “It doesn’t matter if everything in the sketchbook is terrible. With practice, you’ll just keep getting better and better.”

Lund frequently visits local art shows, like the annual Indie Craft Experience in Atlanta, to share her works. She also has an Etsy shop.

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