Roswell sets up system to attract film industry

Apps help streamline applications, logistics



ROSWELL, Ga. — Roswell, like many of its sister cities in the Atlanta area, has been attracting the film industry. Now, the city wants to streamline the process for applicants. To aid in this effort, the city has released two new systems: EventApp and Film App.

Both online applications help companies and organizers easily navigate Roswell’s permit application and logistics processes. EventApp focuses more on special event planning, while FilmApp is used for film production.

Roswell recorded more than 20 film applications last year, according to Roswell’s Special Events Manager Christine Ward. The applications ranged from movies by Tom Cruise, Netflix series like Ozarks, and commercials for companies like Publix and UPS.

“Both organizations and film production companies realize how attractive and welcoming the city of Roswell is,” Ward said. “We instituted the apps to make the process more user-friendly and provide an easy way to gather information when vetting the applicants.”

Requests are handled by the Special Events Division which often coordinates with other departments, including Police, Fire, Transportation, Sanitation and Recreation and Parks for safety, road closures and facility use.

Instead of pulling an application together from multiple divisions, applicants can now find all the permits and necessary forms in one online system. The systems also allow for efficient communication between administrators and other stakeholders and will automatically set deadlines.

Roswell is not the only city launching FilmApp. Both Decatur and Dekalb County are launching it as well to coordinate with Atlanta’s FilmApp system, which was established in 2014.

EventApp is unique to Roswell. Each year, Roswell hosts over 35 events, including marathons, beer and wine festivals, ice cream festivals and Alive in Roswell.

“We want event organizers and film production companies to know that the city of Roswell is ready and excited to host them,” Ward said. “EventApp and FilmApp are going to make it even easier to open doors to those opportunities.”

For information on EventApp and FilmApp or to apply for a special event or filming, visit

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