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Roswell - New leadership, new energy for 2018



Roswell is a city of living history, and in the year ahead we embrace this legacy with new beginnings and renewal as our watchword. New leadership, new energy, new attitudes will usher in the New Year. Fortunately for Roswell, a constant amid the change is our committed and dedicated citizens who share a vision for the city we all love.

A key to our economic vitality is responsible development. Projects like the boutique hotel showed us it is possible to engage the community while addressing economic opportunity. The selection of a finalist for the Southern Skillet property redevelopment will continue to spur the revitalization of one of Roswell’s most vital commercial corridors. Thoughtful revitalization of our commercial properties is a citywide need, one that is particularly pressing along the Holcomb Bridge corridor. Proactive recruitment of quality businesses and innovative adaptive reuse will grow our economy and generate support of local businesses. Utilizing the talent of our community through the establishment of an economic development council is a natural step in continuing to strengthen our private-public partnerships.

The coming year will see continued progress addressing our residents’ foremost concern – traffic and congestion issues. The city is on schedule and has begun right-of-way acquisition for the Rucker Road improvement project and the Big Creek Parkway project.

Roswell has always been a leader in the environmental and sustainability arena. As we continue to be a good steward of the river that defines our history and our borders, there is a growing regional recognition that Roswell’s tree canopy provides real economic benefits in addition to aesthetic enjoyment. The recent purchase of Seven Branches shows both community and city commitment to preserving and respecting fragile landscapes with historical significance. Roswell has long been a leader in historical preservation, as witnessed again when the city purchased historic Mimosa Hall, saving it from the Georgia Trust’s 2016 Places in Peril list. It is the newest asset to our historic houses.

The heart of our city is its people, and creating a more open, inclusive community is a major goal of the coming year. We plan to utilize technology to redefine “being there” as our goal is to video record and live steam committee and council meetings. Increased transparency and accountability are keys to an informed and respectful debate on the direction we are heading and what we want to be as a city.

The year ahead will be exciting, as our city grows while maintaining our unique character and charm. Our safe, family-friendly neighborhoods, our schools, our renowned Recreation and Parks Department (GRPA 2017 Agency of the Year Award winner) will continue to attract a diverse group of residents, businesses and visitors, while we as a city invest in an all-encompassing strategic economic development plan to meet Roswell’s need of economic growth and vitality.

Mayor Lori Henry

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