Letter to the Editor:

Redistricting is a tough job



Like most residents in Three Chimneys Farm, I was dismayed that our neighborhood has preliminarily been redistricted from Lambert High School to South Forsyth High School. My apprehension is not that either school is better or worse; it’s that our neighborhood is deeply tied to the Lambert community. The thought of severing this tie is unthinkable.

From the moment my children walked through the doors at Sharon Elementary, they were enveloped in Lambert spirit. Lambert students have mentored and nourished my kids academically and emotionally. My children - all our children - have been tied to Lambert from the earliest point in their education. The schools even share a parking lot! These kids have been raised to buy-in to Lambert. As a result, so has our entire community. It’s more than physical proximity, Three Chimneys being an easy walk across the street to Lambert; it’s ingrained in the psyche of our children.

The Board of Education spends a lot of time focused on feeder patterns. Going through this process, I understand why: The feeder pattern from Sharon through to Lambert matters more than I can convey through this letter.

I am uncomfortable with the idea that in order to make the case to stay at Lambert, Three Chimneys is asked to provide reasons why other neighborhoods should be redistricted in our place. That said, I am struggling to come up with a rationale as to why other neighborhoods should take precedence over ours. For one, other neighborhoods that have not been redistricted are miles away while our children walk to Lambert. But above all, the early, deep and abiding ties between our kids and the Lambert community argue for continuity in the relationship between.

To a resident, we understand that no matter what happens with redistricting, there are going to be upset families. I deeply sympathize with the difficulty of the task confronting the Board of Education and administration and am personally grateful that there are people willing to take on such a difficult task. However, that doesn’t change the fact that I wholeheartedly believe that the relationship formed by our children and Lambert is unique, is special, and should be preserved.

We hope that as the Board of Education considers revisions to its map and moves the line a few hundred yards to keep Three Chimneys with Lambert.

Respectfully, Bibi Lopez

Cumming, Three Chimneys Farm

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