Preparing for the best



Have you got a plan to prepare for the worst things that could happen to your business? The answer for most small business owners is yes. Anticipating problems and preparing for challenges is in the DNA of most small business owners. What about preparing for the best? While preparing for the best may sound funny, it’s not. If you are doing an incredible job growing your small business, and you’re not prepared to manage that growth, you may find yourself right back where you started from.

All small business owners want success. And normally, the top category for success is revenue growth. Getting more customers, adding new products, expanding to additional markets are all strategies to help achieve this. But as you grow and expand, the level of complexity of your business changes. If you aren’t preparing for the best, your business could take a big hit.

One of the first things that will implode when you grow, and don’t manage that growth, is customer service. If you’ve doubled the number of customers but still have the same number of resources providing customer service, it’s most likely not going to provide your customers with the same experience. If you have doubled or tripled your product line and haven’t changed your inventory management process, you may find out of stock or overstocked items.

Preparing for the best assumes your business plan will work, that you will achieve success, and that you have

anticipated and are prepared for exactly what you wanted in the first place.

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