Milton apartment hit in overnight burglary



MILTON, Ga. — A woman spending the night at her sister’s home returned the next day to find her Deer Point Court apartment had been burglarized and approximately $12,500 of items were missing.

The victim had stayed at her sister’s home Oct. 19 to help her prepare for a wedding and had locked the deadbolts on the front door when she left.

When she returned the next day, her front door was unlocked. Police later found a window screen from the master bedroom was lying on the ground and the lock appeared to have been forced open.

Missing from the apartment were multiple video game consoles and games, two televisions, a Louis Vuitton purse, two computers and multiple items of jewelry.

The victim said the apartment complex’s gate has been left open during the day while street work is underway. She said the night she left she saw two men she did not recognize as living in the complex in a pickup truck smoking cigarettes.

The victim’s neighbors were questioned by police but none reported any suspicious activity.

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