Man loses camera in Craigslist scam



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — A man reported July 12 that he was scammed out of a $500 camera after he received an official-looking email from online payment system PayPal regarding a Craigslist ad he had posted.

The man had listed his Nikon camera on Craigslist July 10 for $500. Soon after posting the item, he received an email from someone claiming to represent PayPal.

The person said that someone had bought the camera using PayPal and that the man would receive the money once the item shipped and they received a tracking number.

The man did so, and received another email stating that he could not receive the money because it was too large a sum for someone without a PayPal account. They said that the man needed to send a $320 moneygram to expand his account limit to have the money deposited.

In a final email, the man was instructed to mail the moneygram to an address in Nigeria and to not contact PayPal directly.

The man did not send the moneygram and contacted police instead.

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