Man loses $5,400 in computer scam



ROSWELL, Ga. — A man recently contacted police about a computer scam by someone posing as a Microsoft employee.

The man told police that someone calling himself “Peter Thomas” contacted him in October. Thomas said that his Microsoft company was going out of business and they were issuing refunds to their recent customers.

After obtaining the man’s bank account information, Thomas said he would put $300 in the account, but instead, he put what looked like $3,000 in the account.

Thomas then told the man that the extra zero was a mistake and that he needed to send the difference to Thomas through a MoneyGram.

The man did so, but Thomas said the transaction did not work and the man should send the money again.

A few days later, the man realized that the transaction was a scam. His bank told him he was missing $3,000 from his checking account and $2,400 in cash advance was taken from his credit card. All of the associated bank accounts are now closed.

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