Jackson seeks traffic solutions



Chris Jackson wants to work with the surrounding communities to solve the problem of traffic gridlock because it is the one issue that directly affects so many others in the city.

He says he has been involved in his community wherever he has lived.

Age: 50

Family: Wife, Erin, step-daughter Caity, step-daughter Maddie, daughter, Alexandra, sons Tyler and Matthew

Education: BSBA – Western Carolina University, EMBA Studies – University of Michigan

Occupation: Business owner - Apical Resource Group

What are your reasons for entering this race?

This city is at an important maturation point, and these next four years are critical to our growth.

We face traffic issues that are monumental. We have to find a way to grow responsibly. We must protect our parks and greenspaces while developing new parks that meet the community’s needs.

Lastly, we must retain our current businesses and employers while recruiting new employers in order to help reduce the tax burden of homeowners.

These are just some of the challenges that are ahead, and it will take the right leaders who have a passion for our city. I believe that I have the ability and experience to help solve these issues.

What qualifications, experience or skills make you the best choice for this seat?

I have served the communities that I have lived in, in the following capacities:

  • Former Chairman of the AMMS SGC
  • Current co-chairman of the JCHS SGC
  • Former chairman of the Park and Rec Advisory Council (Woodstock)
  • Former chairman of the Park and Rec Commission (Charlotte/Mecklenburg County)
  • Former chairman of the Budget Advisory Council (Mecklenburg County)
  • Former chairman of the Economic Development Council for the United Way (Charlotte)
  • Former Leadership/Steering Committee of the Little Sugar Creek Greenway initiative
  • Former chairman of the Uptown Mall District Committee (Charlotte)
  • Current member of the Fulton County School Superintendents Leadership Council
  • Current member of the Fulton County School Superintendents Parent Council

Lastly, I have served as captain of over 17 ALTA and USTA tennis teams. If you have played tennis in Atlanta, you know that the role of the captain is like herding cats and takes leadership.

What do you see as the most important issue before the city to solve first?

Traffic, traffic and traffic. Our city is gridlocked, and it affects every citizen and every business within our borders.

If we cannot come up with a total solution to this issue, employers will lose employees who choose to work closer to home.

Our schools will continue to lose teachers who also choose to work closer to home, and it will be impossible to recruit new business and employers to our area.

Our issue is not just a homegrown one. We must work hand in hand with the surrounding communities who are adding greatly to our traffic issues, and we must make sure that our citizens are highly involved in developing solutions that are practical and sensible.

If we cannot solve this issue and solve it soon, it will only get worse.

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