HOA president shaken after street confrontation



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — The president of a local homeowner’s association said she was confronted by an angry neighbor July 20 when she went for a run.

The neighbor received a check he was not expecting after trees were cut down in his yard by the HOA. She said the trees were to be placed in a designated area, however they were moved farther away causing the HOA to receive a check to pay for it. The HOA later found out the man told the company to move the trees, so they sent the check to the man who became upset about the payment.

He was told to raise the issue at the next HOA meeting, but instead confronted the woman in the street.

She told him again she would not address the issue and to bring it up at a meeting.

She said she was intimidated by the man and was scared to go home, so she went to a friend’s house.

She wanted the situation documented in case it got worse.

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