Free Support Groups hosted by National Alliance on Mental Illness, Forsyth, Dawson, and Lumpkin

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NAMI Family Support Group

Open to all adults 18 and older who have a family member or friend living with mental illness.

Group is for sharing, understanding, encouragement, friendship and hope. All participants are at different points on the recovery spectrum. Brainstorming, sharing difficulties as well as successes, helps many gain insight from others. Groups are confidential–you can share as much or as little personal information as you wish. The group should add to but not replace your current recovery plan. Contact: or Ovie Hughie at 678-341-9414


Open to all adults 18 and older living with mental illness who are stable and well enough to participate in a recovery group. . Mental illness causes many to become isolated. Talking with someone to share coping strategies and insights, as well as problems and concerns, can be an important link in the path to recovery. Many group members can say: “I’ve been there; I understand. This is what worked for me in that situation.” The group should add to and not replace any treatment plan determined by you and your mental health provider and does not recommend or endorse any medications or medical therapies. Contact: or Mari Forquer at 470-208-8837

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