Forsyth County Government Update



Forsyth County’s tag line is “Your Community. Your Future.” I cannot convey to you how seriously your county commissioners take that statement. Rest assured that each day the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners listens to our constituents and makes strides to ensure our county is as wonderful a place to call home for our grandchildren as it is for us today.

To that end, this past year the board approved a number of amendments to the county’s Unified Development Code, all aimed at reducing residential density to preserve and enhance our community. In order to give us ample time to properly develop and review these amendments, the board implemented a number of moratoriums in 2017.

Another major accomplishment for our community from the past year was adoption of the Comprehensive Plan in July. This process included extensive public engagement, and we appreciate everyone who took the time to be involved. Thanks to the community’s input and collaboration, the county has an excellent plan guiding us forward for the next 20 years.

The Board of Commissioners has also been focused on enhancing the county through our overlay districts – which are defined geographic areas that encompass one or more zoning districts and impose additional requirements above and beyond those required by the underlying zoning district. The board adopted the new Coal Mountain Overlay District in northern Forsyth County in July to elevate design quality and visual unity. We also extended several existing overlays – the Atlanta Hwy-McFarland Pkwy-Mullinax Road Overlay District, Peachtree Parkway-Bethelview Road Overlay District, Campground-Castleberry-Kelly Mill-Pittman-Post-Shiloh Road Overlay and Buford Highway Overlay District.

In addition to development, transportation is a major focus for the county. Over the next six years or so, we anticipate that between the county and the state we’ll do more than $600 million in transportation improvements! Also, we are nearing the end of the process of updating our comprehensive transportation plan. Again, we are grateful to everyone who has taken the time to participate in this important process.

With regard to finances, Forsyth County’s financial condition remains strong. In November, the board adopted the 2018 operating budget, funded with no increase in the county’s property tax millage rate. We continue to have millage rates among the lowest in metro Atlanta, while at the same time providing outstanding amenities and services. Forsyth County also maintains the best bond rating possible. In fact, we are one of only three governments in the entire state to have this rating, which is the equivalent to an individual’s credit score being 850!

And November 2017 saw the swearing in of a new county commissioner. Please join me in welcoming our new District 2 Commissioner Col. Dennis Brown. I look forward to working with him as well as all of the members of the board.

It’s no secret that Forsyth County is known for the wonderful quality of life and strong sense of community we enjoy here, and the Board of Commissioners remains committed to working hard to continue to earn that reputation.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you. Best wishes for a safe, happy and healthy 2018!


Todd Levent, 2017 Chairman and District 3 Commissioner

Forsyth County Board of Commissioners

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