Former Norman’s Landing site to become business district



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — Since the community-favorite restaurant Norman’s Landing closed its doors in June, speculation has swirled around what will become of the empty log cabin and land.

Now, it seems there may be a plan for the land off Peachtree Parkway. The Forsyth County Commission approved a rezoning Dec. 21 for the 2.2 acres to become a commercial business district. Preliminary plans include a commercial center with restaurants with drive-thru facilities and retail trade establishments. Initially, an automobile service center was proposed, but the Planning Commission recommended that it be excluded.

In total, the development will be nearly 11,000 square feet with 82 parking spaces.

Four pedestrian street lights are recommended to be installed adjacent to the property along Ga. 141.

The applicant, Buckhead Crossing, LLC, requested the side yard landscape strip be reduced from 10 feet to 0 feet along the southern boundary.

Planning Department Director Tom Brown said this will be due to the addition of property lines in between the different developments.

In March, Bill Norman said he has “signed papers” for the property and it’s a great deal, but he wouldn’t say to whom, for what and how much. He cited debt and maintenance issues as to why the business closed.

“It would take $400,000 to get this restaurant back in the right direction,” Norman said in March. “I’m talking about new floors and tile. I can’t take another payment book. I owe friends, family, banks and everybody. I have to get them off me so I can sleep at night.”

He hasn’t completely written off the idea of getting back into the food industry and has toyed with opening another restaurant, but he is taking a break first.

An auction was held in June to sell most of the items in the log cabin.

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