Electronics equipment stolen from school construction site



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. – An unknown thief reportedly stole multiple electronics from a private school under construction.

The school employee told deputies four laptops, one power strip, one Blu-ray player and two computer keyboards were stolen from the building.

He said the location is a satellite campus that is about to open.

During construction, the man said he had the computers delivered to the school, but they were left in an unlocked room.

The employee said he tried his best to conceal them by leaving them in their boxes and covered with a sheet in the corner of the office.

He said contractors and subcontractors were in and out of the school during the construction, but he wasn’t sure who they were.

There are no cameras installed on campus inside or outside yet, and there was no sign of forced entry.

A list of serial numbers was entered as stolen.

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