Dog left outside during snowstorm



ROSWELL, Ga. — Fulton County Animal Services seized control of a dog Dec. 10 after police uncovered that it had been left outside during the snowstorm Dec. 9-10 without adequate shelter.

Police responded to an animal cruelty call Dec. 9 about a dog that had been left outside tied to a tree. When officers arrived, they were unable to locate the dog because of a lack of information from the caller.

The next day, police followed up and found the dog tied to a tree with a steel cable in Grimes Place. Police said the dog had inadequate shelter. The front of the shelter was missing and most of it appeared to be rotting. There was no food or water and only one blanket, while there was still snow and ice on the ground.

Officers spoke to the owners, who said that the dog usually stays outside during the day and goes in at night. But when police asked if the dog had stayed outside during the night of the snowstorm Dec. 9, they said yes.

Police contacted Fulton County Animal Services to take over the investigation and seize the dog.

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