Construction begins for Hardscrabble Green Loop



ROSWELL, Ga. — One of Roswell’s oldest transportation projects is finally underway after almost 20 years. City staff officially broke ground Oct. 12 on the Hardscrabble Green Loop, a part of the larger Roswell Loop, which is expected to eventually connect all of the city’s parks and schools.

“We’ve had various concepts over the years, and I’m proud to say that what we’re about to construct is the product of a lot of hard work, imagination and patience,” said Steve Acenbrak, Roswell’s director of transportation. “It is truly going to transform this area like few of our projects have done.”

The project will extend along a portion of Hardscrabble Road, from King to Etris Road. The existing traffic signal at the intersection with Chaffin Road will be replaced with a roundabout and crosswalks will be added for pedestrians.

Currently, there are no turn lanes on this area of Hardscrabble Road, but the project will add two at the other Chaffin Road and at Wexford Club Drive.

“Lots of people ask us ‘why don’t use just widen Hardscrabble Road to four lanes?’” Acenbrak said. “That’s not what we do in Roswell. We think hard about how to manage the traffic, but we also want to accommodate other forms of travel.”

To become a more walkable area, a 10-foot multi-use path will be added along the south side of the road. There will also be a 5-foot sidewalk on the north side and 4-foot bikes lines will be installed along both sides.

Bike shoulders and a sidewalk will also be added to Chaffin Road from Hardscrabble to Northgate Trace.

These additions will be perfect for the safety of students, track and cross-country clubs who frequently use this stretch of land, according to Councilwoman Nancy Diamond.

“If all a road does is move traffic, it’s not really adding that much to the community,” Mayor Jere Wood said. “It’s for people who are walking along it and bicycling… This road was worth waiting for.”

The project is expected to take 18 months, during which time drivers will periodically see delays and temporary road closures. Any delays or closures will be announced on the city’s social media and through message boards placed near the construction areas.

The project costs $5.8 million and is jointly funded by the city of Roswell, Federal Highway Administration, Georgia Department of Transportation and Atlanta Regional Commission.

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