City’s songwriters’ music fest pitch-perfect

Crowds enjoy personal touch



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – A breezy fall evening in the laid-back part of Alpharetta’s downtown. And there is music in the air. Real music, everywhere.

That is the Alpharetta Songwriter’s Festival, Oct. 5 and 6, back for the fifth year. Bringing in 25 artists over two nights – Friday night is the free concert at Avalon with all of downtown Alpharetta’s pubs open along with booths on Milton Avenue Saturday night – proved to be a hit with the mix of young and old patrons.

Many brought their children along to sit on the grass or in a local restaurant – it was all about the music and getting mellow (to borrow a term from the ‘60s).

Janet Rodgers, president and CEO of the Alpharetta Convention & Visitors Bureau, said the crowds love the intimacy of the venues – Avalon and three stages downtown on Friday night, six stages downtown on Saturday night.

With the exception of Avalon, all of the venues are accessible by foot. You could stand under the traffic light at Milton Avenue and Main Street and hit most of the venues with a rock, actually.

Since most of the music is acoustic or just electric guitar, no one is drowned out.

“The artists at Wire and Wood this year were captivating,” Rodgers said. “The crowds loved the more intimate environment, getting up-close and personal with these artists.”

Many of them have followers who come to see their favorites perform. Getting a chance to hear them interact with audiences is a wow factor you can’t get at most concerts.

“These artists have wonderful stories behind the songs they write and sing,” Rodgers said. “It is very entertaining for the people who attend, and it’s great to see Downtown bustling with people walking, drinking, eating and enjoying the entertainment. Wire and Wood is a great fit for Alpharetta.”


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