City to begin work on $1M Brumbelow trail

Sidewalk, bridge to connect Mackinac, Stoney Ridge to Old Alabama, park



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – The Johns Creek City Council took action Oct. 16 to link Brumbelow Road neighborhoods with a sidewalk and a bridge from Mackinac Drive to Stoney Bridge Drive. It will close a “significant gap” in the sidewalk system for Brumbelow residents.

While much of Brumbelow Road already has sidewalks, the Johns Creek City Council signed a $1 million construction contract to fill in a large portion of the existing gaps with sidewalks and a pedestrian bridge over a creek.

Public Works Deputy Director Chris Haggard said the contract with CMES Inc. ($960,000) and an inspection services contract with SEI ($35,990) will get the bridge and sidewalk.

“It is the last gap to connect Brumbelow Road to Newtown Park,” Haggard told the City Council. “The road crosses this narrow bridge with no pedestrian access.”

The city will put down a pedestrian bridge parallel to the existing bridge to allow residents to cross the creek safely, he said.

Councilman Lenny Zaprowski said this project has been needed for some time and is next in line for completion in the city’s sidewalk priority list.

“It is dangerous for people trying to get to the park down there. This will allow residents down there to get to the park safely rather than having to take their lives in their hands,” Zaprowski said.

The motion passed with a 7-0 vote.

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