City celebrates Houze/Hembree roundabout opening



ROSWELL, Ga. — City and state officials hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony Nov. 30 to celebrate completion of one of the state’s first multi-lane roundabouts at the intersection of Houze and Hembree roads.

The roundabout is one of the first multi-lane roundabouts on a state route in Georgia and is the state’s largest roundabout with this much volume, according to Roswell’s Director of Transportation Steve Acenbrak.

“This is a very exciting time for transportation,” Mayor Jere Wood said. “We’re seeing more happen with transportation in Roswell today than at any time since they built and finished Ga. 400.”

The roundabout boasts two lanes with solar-powered rectangular rapid flashing beacons for pedestrians to use. It is expected to be a part of the larger Roswell Loop trail system, which will accommodate both pedestrians and bikes across a multi-use path.

“With regard to roundabouts, we are still leading the region,” Acenbrak said. “It provides for additional trail connectivity. It improves water quality – believe it or not, there’s a creek running down there, and we’re working on the water quality. It improves air quality. It has a modest traffic calming effect. It enhances the quality of life for the neighbors.”

The city has already been approached by one organization to decorate the roundabout with public art.

This is a major intersection in the city, with no turn lanes, and it has compiled many accidents and traffic delays, Acenbrak said.

Houze Road carries over 13,000 vehicles a day, while Hembree Road carries over 10,000 vehicles a day, Acenbrak added.

Since the groundbreaking two years ago, Roswell has spent $353,000 in designs and $410,000 in right of way acquisition for the project. Construction cost $5.6 million and was funded by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

The project is still undergoing finishing touches, including additional landscaping and some signage changes.

“This project initially met with significant public opposition,” Acenbrak said. “We understand the concerns of residents…But it is our job to think through these challenges and work with the residents to help them understand the benefits.”

Now, Acenbrak said he has received multiple compliments from people who had earlier opposed the roundabout.

To navigate the multi-lane, follow the traffic signage and striping on the road. Vehicles wanting to make a left turn or stay straight should enter in the left, or inner, lane. Those wanting to turn right or stay straight should stay in the right, or outer, lane. Motorists should avoid changing lanes while in the roundabout and should yield to traffic before entering.

To learn about safely navigating a roundabout and see a video on the subject, visit

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