Christmas decorations stolen during renovations



ALPHARETTA, Ga. — A woman reported Dec. 7 that $3,500 worth of Christmas decorations were stolen while her apartment underwent renovations.

The woman’s personal belongings were moved to a different unit at WoodBridge Apartments during the renovations. Some belongings, mainly Christmas decorations, were left locked in the patio storage area at her request, since the patio was not part of the renovations.

Four days later, the woman received a text from the assistant manager asking if the belongings in the patio were as they were left. Upon inspection, she could tell “immediately” that several items were missing once she met up with management.

The missing items included 75 ornaments, heirloom ornaments, a nativity set and a patio table.

The assistant manager said that she was the only person, other than the renovation company, that had a key to the apartment.

Management changed the patio locks and secured the key in a safe. There were no security cameras in the area.

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