Battle of the Borders:

Cannons polish off Gold Rush in inter-county game

2 teams match up in first softball duel



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Forsyth County’s Loose Cannons turned loose a barrage of hits to win the challenge match 9-7 over the Miracle League All-Star team Gold Rush in the first-ever Battle of the Borders held Aug. 27.

The two softball teams were evenly matched, but it was the Cannons who fired the most shots (runs) to take home the trophy.

The game was sponsored by the North Metro Miracle League and played at Alpharetta’s North Park, the Gold Rush’s home turf. Nevertheless, the Loose Cannons pounded out the win against the repeat state-champion Gold Rush.

“This was some serious softball,” said North Metro Miracle League Executive Director John McLaughlin. ”We’re bringing back old-school ball today.”

McLaughlin said he invited the Forsyth team to come play to strengthen ties among the families and the organizations.

The Miracle League gives all young people the chance to experience sports and to participate to the ultimate limit of their abilities.

Former Falcon Michael Haynes is a volunteer as well as owner of XL212 his sports management company.

“This is a really great thing for these young players,” Haynes said. “The real issue here is most of the time these kids come to the ballpark to watch their brothers and sisters play. The Miracle League gives them a venue where they can play.

“They are no longer sitting on the sidelines.”

The North Metro Miracle League has been providing adapted sports programs and inclusive social activities for disabled children, teens and adults living in the North Fulton area since 2002.

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