Board approves agreement with Eagle Point Landfill



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — Forsyth County has agreed to enter into a memorandum of understand with Advanced Disposal Services which owns and operates Eagle Point Landfill in north Forsyth. The agreement will give the county more access to the landfill to police its operations.

The landfill has sparked contention with the county and public since they learned earlier this year about plans for expansion.

Commissioner Cindy Jones Mills commended the landfill’s neighbors by saying they helped spur the memorandum.

Other ongoing issues with the landfill include a possible methane gas refinery plant that would capture methane for conversion.

The memorandum includes a provision that the landfill may not expand its footprint past the boundaries of its 1993 special use permit.

Additionally, the county will receive an expansion fee of 10 cents per cubic yard of additional sanitary landfill capacity. The estimated expansion of the landfill is roughly 20 million to 25 million cubic yards.

For each ton of waste, the landfill must pay the county $1.50, with the fee rising to $2 a ton on Jan. 1, 2028.

Furthermore, the county will have access to the landfill’s security footage and the landfill will have a third-party certified public accountancy firm or forensic audit firm conduct an annual audit. The scope of the audit will be determined by the county.

The agreement also includes a provision that the landfill will guarantee air space for the county’s waste volume until 2038 or until the landfill closes, depending on which happens sooner. The county will also receive group water samples, and the landfill will install and operate an odor misting curtain system.

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