Armed robbers zip tie woman in home



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — A woman reported that she was zip tied and threated for cash during an armed home robbery Oct. 21. The robbers took more than $11,000 in items and cash, but the woman was not seriously harmed.

The woman had come home that night after a shopping trip and was sitting alone in her kitchen, when she heard some noises from the backyard. She said that at first she was unconcerned because her husband occasionally used the back door to enter the house.

When the strange noises continued, the woman went to investigate but saw nothing. It was only after she began walking back to the kitchen that she encountered a man waving a handgun in her face.

The woman was told to keep quiet “if she didn’t want to get hurt.” Her hands and feet were zip tied together and she was placed on the floor.

The man and another male suspect she did not see repeatedly asked the woman for “the store money” and if her husband was coming home with the money. At one point, the suspects also spoke to a third person through a radio, but the woman was unable to identify if the speaker was male or female.

After about 30 minutes, during which the woman could hear the men looting her house, the suspects left. The woman was able to release her feet, but had to ask for a neighbor’s help to free her hands and call for help.

The one suspect the woman could see was described as 5 foot 6 inches in height, in his late twenties, with a stocky build, black ski mask and black outfit. The woman’s cat could not be located after the encounter.

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