Young Inventors: Digital projects highlighted at Tech Fair

Students from grades 3-12 now move to state competition



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — The Forsyth County Tech Fair showcased students excited to delve into the digital world.

From computer programming and multimedia application design to robotics, the Jan. 25 event held at Whitlow Elementary School highlighted the direction schools are headed in the future, said Mike Evans, of the Forsyth County School System.

“When we have third- and fourth-grade students programming computers, it says a lot about where we’re going as a system,” Evans said.

Tom Lamb, who served as director of the Tech Fair for several years, headed the 40 volunteer judges who oversaw 147 projects created by 180 participants in third through 12th grades in public, private or home schools.

Lamb is the state director and is a retired instructional technology specialist.

Judges spent about 20 minutes with each participant or teams including Shiloh Point Elementary fifth-grader Abhay Kumar, 11.

Kumar’s dad Manoj Appully said his son’s project in animated graphic design was created using PowerPoint.

“We live in a high-tech world,” Appully said. “Hopefully, this keeps him interested in science and technology.”

The event is along the lines of Scholar Bowl, Science Fair and Science Olympiad, and allows students to build projects in 16 categories of technology.

New this year is a mobile app design and a game design category.

“A lot of times, they know a whole lot more than the judges do,” Lamb said.

All first place winners in the Tech Fair advanced to the Georgia Educational Technology Fair competition to be held March 8 at the Macon campus of Middle Georgia State College and University.

The first Forsyth County Educational Technology Fair was in 2001.

It was the precursor to the Georgia Educational Technology Fair, which was started by Forsyth County Fair staff and was first held in 2002.

Whitlow Elementary School’s Karen Daughtery, an instructional technology specialist and director of the Forsyth County Technology Fair, is also a regional director.

There are 19 regions in Georgia, and Forsyth County is its own region in the state.

“The Tech Fair is important in that it affords those students who are technologically inclined to participate in a regional and state level of competition outside of sports,” Daughtery said.

A committee worked throughout the year to put the Tech Fair in Forsyth County together.

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Category winners moving to state competition:

• Gibson McGee – third/fourth-grade 3D modeling

• Wesley McGee and Noah Wetz – fifth/sixth grade 3D modeling

• Skylar Collins – seventh/eighth grade 3D modeling

• Nishika Byakod – third/fourth grade animated graphic design

• Logan Stockham – fifth/sixth grade animated graphic design

• Sahil Pitre – ninth/10th grade animated graphic design

• Ford Johnson – third/fourth grade case modification

• Grant Cancel – fifth/sixth grade case modification

• Anna Cagle – seventh/eighth grade case modification

• Esther Smith – third/fourth grade digital photography

• Maral Garmroudi – fifth/sixth grade digital photography

• Natalia Morris – seventh/eighth grade digital photography

• Sanjit Hajgude – third/fourth grade digital video production

• Callie Galloway – fifth/sixth grade video production

• Meghana Menon and Zac Elz – ninth/10th grade video production

• Harikesh Tambareni – third/fourth grade game design

• Carlos Caballero – fifth/sixth grade game design

• Glenn Cagle – seventh/eighth grade game design

• Sanjay Tummalapalli – ninth/10th grade game design

• Dylan Klumpp – ninth/10th grade hardware

• Dillon Loupe – 11th/12th grade hardware

• Tanvitha Kotla – third/fourth grade mobile apps

• Mahin Gonela – fifth/sixth grade mobile apps

• Srikrishna Duvvuri – ninth/10th grade mobile apps

• Sneha Gupta – third/fourth grade multimedia applications

• Nithik Balachandran – fifth/sixth grade multimedia applications

• Conor Castleberry and Justin Deprado – seventh/eighth grade multimedia applications

• Neha Balachandran – ninth/10th grade multimedia applications

• Srujana Sivakumar and Ajeetha Murugappan – third/fourth grade non-animated graphic design

• Andrew Zhai – fifth/sixth grade non-animated graphic design

• Peyton Squires – seventh/eighth grade non-animated graphic design

• Pranav Katam and Mahitha Veeram – third/fourth grade non-multimedia applications

• Jennifer John Britto – seventh/eighth grade non-multimedia applications

• Corey Matyas – ninth/10th grade programming challenge – individual

• Quintin Crist – 11th/12th grade programming challenge – individual

• Cory Larsen and Arun Dunna – ninth/10th grade programming challenge – team

• Siddhi Chitgopkar – fifth/sixth grade project programming

• Harsha Tambareni – seventh/eighth grade project programming

• Jacob Tauriello – ninth/10th grade project programming

• Nik Dunna – third/fourth grade robotics

• Anna May Carder – fifth/sixth grade robotics

• Tom Ciaccia – third/fourth grade technology literacy challenge

• William Abney – fifth/sixth grade technology literacy challenge

• Glenn Cagle – seventh/eighth grade technology literacy challenge

• Quintin Crist – 11th/12th grade technology literacy challenge

• Varoon Kodithala – third/fourth grade Web 2.0 Internet applications

• Krishi Kishore – fifth/sixth grade Web 2.0 Internet applications

• Tanvi Raj – seventh/eighth grade Web 2.0 Internet applications

• Pratik Nallamotu – ninth/10th grade Web 2.0 Internet applications

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