You can’t eat evidence



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – A man suspected of possessing marijuana was arrested July 16 after he allegedly ate the evidence.

Police report pulling over a vehicle on Westside Parkway after seeing it had a dark window tint on its front windshield, in violation of the law.

Inside were three men and the small of marijuana, the officer reports. One man, Carlos Rodriguez, 21, of Park Ridge Lane, Roswell, was chewing something and mumbling. When asked to open his mouth, he allegedly swallowed and showed the officer what appeared to be marijuana on his lips and teeth. Another man, Wilkins Pinchinat, 21, of Old Holcomb Bridge Way, Roswell, was found to have a gram of pot hidden in his sock. And a third man was found holding a bag containing a glass pipe and a grinder, each containing marijuana residue.

All three men were arrested for possession of marijuana. Rodriguez was also charged with tampering with evidence.


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