YMSL helps kids at Murphy-Harpst Children’s Center

Brings coat drive, fun to abused children



MILTON, Ga. – The motto of the Young Men’s Service League Milton chapter is “To assist, serve and support those who are in need while representing something larger than ourselves.” YMSL is a mother-son organization that serves various philanthropies in the local community.

One such partnership is the Murphy-Harpst Children’s Center, of Cedartown, which is a nonprofit residential treatment center for severely abused children in Georgia. Murphy-Harpst provides a safe and nurturing environment where these abused and neglected children can thrive and heal. At Murphy-Harpst, the children are not just part of a heartbreaking news story or devastating statistics; the pieces of their broken lives are repaired and they are given hope.

The program provides 24/7 therapeutic care that enables the children to heal and recover so they can ultimately re-enter society and lead a productive life. For nearly a century, Murphy-Harpst has successfully treated thousands of children by building an environment necessary to reverse a cycle of cruelty and neglect.

On their latest service opportunity at Murphy Harpst, the mother-son teams of Milton YMSL provided the children with items from their wish lists for Christmas. Their Christmas was made brighter as each child received a bright and colorfully wrapped gift from the YMSL teams. In early fall, YMSL held a winter clothes drive and hosted a fall festival for the kids.

“They were so cool,” said Nathan, a ninth-grader at YMSL, about the festival games.

This is a big part of what makes the YMSL boys so unique. They have learned to treat everyone equally and with respect regardless of disabilities or life circumstance.

“Each time I have gone to serve at Murphy-Harpst, I have come back more blessed and humbled than before,” said YMSL mom Michel Kish.

“We truly appreciate the time and efforts of the Milton Young Men’s Service League,” said Pam Kramer, coordinator of therapeutic recreation at Murphy-Harpst. “It’s wonderful to have such a unique group able to share in their community service efforts. Murphy-Harpst appreciates all the winter wear from their annual coat drives, and we love the social time playing softball, kickball and making creative art projects.”

YMSL will accept their graduating class of 2017 soon. An informational meeting (for moms only) will be held Sunday, Feb. 24 at 3 p.m. at White Columns Golf Clubhouse. Enrollment is limited and sponsorship is required. Visit www.MiltonYMSL.org for more information.

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