YEAR IN REVIEW: Council chambers to move to Bethany Bend

New building will house police, fire, court



MILTON, Ga. – The new police headquarters near the intersection of Ga. 9 and Bethany Bend will feature more than just new offices for the police department. It will also be home to a new fire station and courthouse – and temporarily house Milton City Council meetings.

Milton Public Works Director Carter Lucas is heading up the project, which will be the city’s first new building since it was incorporated six years ago.

The five-acre plot of land will house all police operations as well as a new fire station. It will also hold the city court and court services. Along with the court will come the city council.

“It will be a temporary home for council,” said Lucas, whose department is in charge of building the new structure.

He said the city still has to figure out where to put a permanent city hall and, until that time, council meetings could stay at Bethany Bend.

Currently, the city leases office space on Deerfield Parkway for all city departments. With public safety and the court moving, the city could downgrade their footprint there significantly. The city council and other public meetings are currently held in the courtroom on Deerfield. With the court moving to Bethany Bend, council will move with it.

This would leave the remainder of city offices and departments in the Deerfield building.

City Manager Chris Lagerbloom said the city is still in the “programming phase” of the design, which is figuring out just what can go into the building. However, any decision staff makes is contingent on council approval.

“Before going forward with specifics, I want the mayor and council to have the opportunity to weigh in,” Lagerbloom said.

The Bethany Bend building could be finished by August of 2013, Lucas said.

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