‘Wow’ experience is about connection with customers



Are you providing a great experience for your customers? Do you keep in touch with them on a regular basis? How many of your customers are telling others about your products or services? Word-of-mouth has always been a primary source of attracting new customers. In today’s digital world, engagement marketing has taken word-of-mouth to a whole new level.

Gail Goodman’s recently published book, “Engagement Marketing,” outlines the simplicity of this new marketing channel in three simple steps.

No. 1: Provide your customers with a “wow” experience. This means that your current customers have a positive feeling about your business. The good news is that small businesses have an advantage in doing this because of their personal connections with their customers.

No. 2: Entice your customers to stay in touch with you. This can be done in many ways, such as events, newsletters, social media and even direct mail. It’s not about the quantity of connections you maintain, but the quality of those interactions.

And No. 3: Engage your customers so they will interact with you. This is all about providing content that is worth sharing and having a call to action that directs and encourages people to take action. Engagement pulls current customers back to your business and leads to repeat sales.

And with the power of social media, engagement will also increase the visibility of your business to new customers.

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