Wounded officer given ‘Director’s Award’

Part of Alpharetta Public Safety Award ceremony



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety held its annual awards event Jan. 31 at the Alpharetta Presbyterian Church.

Each year, the department’s awards committee meets and chooses employee of the year selections based upon commitment, professional accomplishments, job skills and performance, documented line of duty incidents and service to the community. Additionally, staff members may be awarded special awards such as Medals of Valor, Purple Heart, Lifesaving Medals, special plaques or other awards based upon significant incidents that occurred during the year involving Alpharetta public safety personnel.

Alpharetta Public Safety Director Gary D. George also recognizes Alpharetta Public Safety’s Citizen of the Year award nominee and other recipients for the Director’s Bravery Awards. The final award given is a statue of a golden eagle known at the “Director’s Award.” This year’s recipient is Alpharetta Police Officer David Freeman. Freeman was ambushed in April of 2013 during a traffic stop and was shot seven times. He returned fire, called for help and gave a description to other officers.

During his period of recovery, Freeman underwent numerous surgeries. He has returned to duty.

For his dedication to duty, his bravery and his continued desire to remain an Alpharetta officer, Alpharetta Director of Public Safety Gary D. George conferred the Director’s Award upon Freeman.

Visit apsfoundation.org for more about the Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation.

This year’s Public Safety Award recipients are:

Citizen of the Year – Veronica Carew

Director’s Bravery Awards – Sabri and Tony Guven

K9 Memorial Presentation – K9 Officer Michael Schulman

The Medal of Valor and Purple Heart Medal – Officer David Freeman

Police Cross Medal with “V” Device for Valor – Officers Mary Nelson, Dustin Bak, Nick Marinelli, Brandon O’Donnell and Lt. Cliff Hart

Police Cross Medal with “V” Device for Valor – Officers Matt Stone and Mark Glass

Firefighter’s Special Award Plaque – Firefighters Scott Hefner, Charles Gudermuth, Les Lance, Nick Marlin, Greg Pickren, Cale Hamilton, Tim Hixson, Shane Hall and Officer/Firefighter Charles Fannon

Recognition of SOULO (Supporting Our Uniformed Loved Ones) – Sherri Valone, Christy Freeman, Stephanie Allen, Vickie Patton, Nicole French, Jakima McCall

CAPS Officer of the Year – Capt. Ed Hale

PACT Officer of the Year – K9 Officer Michael Schulman

Public Safety Employee of the Year – Piper Williams

Public Safety Volunteer of the Year – Detective John Strika

Communications Officer of the Year – Supervisor Shawna Pope

Police “E” Squad Officer of the Year – Officer Tom Deets

Police Supervisor of the Year – Lt. Heath Holcomb

Police Officer of the Year – Detective Jabbar Braithwaite

Fire Corps Volunteer of the Year – Allen Winiski

Volunteer Firefighter of the Year – Jim Hurney

Fire Officer of the Year – Capt. Cliff Letizia

Firefighter of the Year – Firefighter/ EMT Nick Marlin

For more photos of the event, check them out online at http://tinyurl.com/mvntj79


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