Would-be jewel thief foiled by owner

Suspect wrestled to ground



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Robberies are part of the jewelry business, and the Guven family is all right with that.

The Sabri Guven Fine Jewelry store on the corner of Old Milton Parkway and Haynes Bridge Road was robbed on Tuesday July 30 at 5 p.m.

Sabri Guven, 52, whom the store is named after, was helping a customer who came into the store at 4:43 p.m. A man driving a white pickup truck dropped the customer off across the street from the store. The customer said he was interested in an investment diamond – a larger, more specific diamond – and asked Guven to show him the diamond by the front door so he could see how the sunlight reflected off it.

Guven had no worries about getting close to the exit. In order to exit the doors, a button must be pressed.

However, the customer snatched the diamond from Guven, shoved him to the ground, pressed the button next to the door and made a run for it.

Guven’s son, Tony, 20, helping a customer on the other side of the store, saw the robbery unfold and told a customer to call 911.

Once the robber started running, he dropped the diamond just outside the store. As the robber turned to look for the diamond on the ground, Sabri Guven had rebounded and took off after him. He grabbed the robber, stood behind him and wrapped his arm around the robber’s neck in an attempt to detain him until police arrived.

Refusing to stay still, the robber wiggled free, reaching for his gun and pointing it at Guven.

“’I’m going to shoot you; I’m going to shoot you,’” said the robber, as recalled by Tony who was standing just inside the store.

Immediately, as the robber and Guven were facing away from the store, Tony surprised the robber by exiting the store. He pushed the robber’s arm in the air. The robber fired a single shot into the air.

Tony tackled the robber to the ground, forcing the gun out of the robber’s hand. At this moment, the robber was crying for help. Just then, the man who dropped the robber off drove into the parking lot. But upon seeing that the robber no longer had control of the gun, he turned his truck around then drove off.

After Tony tackled the robber to the ground, he laid on top of him until the police arrived. The robber was handcuffed and pushed into the backseat of the police car.

Not thinking of himself, Tony went into the store to make sure the customers were all right. Undisturbed by the events, Tony understands that this is part of the business.

When he got home, he said he took a couple pills of Advil and slept like a baby.

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