Woman escapes from police custody in hospital

Suspect recaptured minutes later



MILTON, Ga.–– After faking seizures during her arrest, an Acworth woman was taken to hospital where she attempted to escape from police.

Police were dispatched to Cogburn Road June 7 at around 2 p.m. in reference to a welfare check.

An HVAC technician called 911 when the resident told him that her husband was going to kill her. Upon arriving at the residence, police made contact with the resident's nurse, Scottie Koziac Wilcox, 36, of Acworth.

The officer noted in his report he had been dispatched to the Cogburn Road address before and Wilcox was not familiar to the officer. The officer asked Wilcox for her identification but she said it was at home.

The officer then attempted to use dispatch to confirm Wilcox’s identity and found that she was wanted for a probation violation out of Paulding County and from Pennsylvania with the original charge of providing a false name and date of birth to law enforcement.

Wilcox immediately said she was not feeling well, and fell to the floor with what the officer described as seizure-like symptoms.

Rural Metro Ambulance and the Milton Fire Department arrived on the scene and stated that they did not believe that it was a seizure. However, Wilcox was transported to North Fulton Hospital for evaluation.

The doctors at the emergency room confirmed that Wilcox was not having a seizure and told the officer that she would be released to his custody following a CT scan.

Within two minutes of being in the room for a CT scan, a nurse informed the officer, who was waiting outside, that Wilcox had escaped from the hospital.

Wilcox was spotted running on Ga. 9 and the officer called for backup to catch her. She was eventually caught and arrested for escaping from police custody, a felony plus the original warrant from Paulding County.

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