Will offering a bonus or allowance help sell your home?



As a seller, when you’ve had showings but activity slows down after a while, the first natural thought is “why are things slower,” followed by “what can we do to change this?” When that happens, a common idea is to offer a bonus to the selling agent. The thought being that the agent will see the extra money and push their clients to view this home.

The truth is, while our buyers’ agents would love to get a bonus, home buyers usually define which homes they want to visit. A buyer’s agent can put a home on the list to see, but it really should meet the criteria of the client. If there is a bonus involved, it will just be luck.

When there have been enough showings, there should be sufficient feedback for a seller to know why offers haven’t materialized. They can range from the obvious like poor condition, a difficult lot or undesirable location and lack of updates.

With items of condition and updates, sellers often want to offer an allowance to the buyer, rather than correct the deficiency. The thought being the buyer can pick out their own granite or carpet color and that would be better. The truth is buyers like clean, crisp and move-in ready. The best way to overcome condition or updates is with a lower price or correcting those items.

I find that if you take a detailed and honest assessment of the competition and any similar homes that have sold while you were on the market, the reasons why you haven’t received an offer will present themselves.

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