Why You Can’t Lose Weight?



The answer to this question

Has more to do with your individual body chemistry than what particular diet works best. In fact, there isn’t one diet perfect for every BODY. Our individual heritage and genetic makeup predispose us to what foods are best for our body’s needs.

In our basic nutrition plan, we discuss 3 things that need to be changed in everyone’s diet regardless of your heritage or genetic composition. These 3 essential changes are: the type of fats you are eating as well as ingesting more of them, switching from grain-fed to grass-fed meats and eliminating processed carbohydrates.

As these 3 changes transcend all cultures, how much fat, protein and carbohydrates someone can process largely depends on where your ancestors are from. For example, northern descents seem to favor diets high in protein and good fats whereas individuals from equatorial regions, which are warmer climates, seem to thrive on higher amounts of unprocessed carbohydrates including fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

This explains why some people lose weight on a vegetarian diet, Atkins Diet, SouthBeach Diet, Weightwatchers, etc, and others are left wondering why the diet they chose didn’t work for them. Chances are the diet wasn’t metabolically correct for their body chemistry.

Another essential parameter that dictates what diet is best but is often overlooked is hormone levels. The one most noteworthy for weight loss is leptin. Leptin is a hormone in your body that tells your brain when to stop eating, when to burn fat and regulates the function of other hormones. If leptin is out of balance despite your best efforts, you will not lose weight. Your rain will not get the message to burn fat for energy; instead you will continue to be a sugar burner. The problem with this is you will not use your fat stores for energy (burn fat) you will have constant and uncontrollable cravings for sugar and you will break down muscle tissue, which your body converts to sugar for energy-this causes a decrease in metabolism and a constant downward spiral. Remember: Fat does NOT make you fat. It’s the inability to burn fat that makes you fat.

In our clinic we use a patient history and a blood test for measuring leptin to determine what diet is best.

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