What is going on at Appen?



This issue you will see several obvious changes in our newspapers. The most obvious one may be the redesign of our front page mast head. Colors changed. Fonts changed. Format changed. Those changes are just the tip of the iceberg. We have been working for months in a number of other related areas as well. We’ve even changed the name of our company and created a brand new logo.

The new name of our company is Appen Media Group. The change reflects the fact that we no longer publish just newspapers; we publish specialty publications, digital publications, newsletters, social media, direct mail and the list continues. We want the name of our business to better reflect the depth and breadth of who we are and what we do.

And it’s all good. In fact, since Christina and I started our newspaper company twenty three years ago, I don’t remember a time when I have been more excited about our business, our products, our staff, and our future.

“Change” and “adaptation” are what is going on at Appen. In today’s business world, if you are not changing you are falling behind the competition. If you are not innovating; if you are not experimenting; if you are not questioning your assumptions and your status quo you are in trouble. The same thing goes for your personal life if you want to grow and be happy.

In the last twenty-three years, we have created many new publications. Some we still publish and some we don’t. If you are not at least occasionally failing at something you probably are not trying hard enough.

Look for us to continue to adapt. Look for us to continue to launch new products and refine and make existing ones better.

Look for our staff to work as hard as any group you have ever seen to keep doing what we do better.

This article was published in the Revue & News April 18, 2013 edition

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