What home buyers really want



You can Google the title of this article and get millions of results with answers ranging from high-end amenities and Energy-Star ratings to home theaters or first-floor master bedrooms. The reality is that the desires of home buyers are extremely personal and vary regionally.

On top of that, there are typically two lists, the first focusing on things like schools, commute, community and type of home. The second focuses on features within the home.

If you read these “Top 5” lists it may make you think you should have these items to sell, or if you have them your home will easily sell. A better approach is to highlight the features you have. No one knows your home better than you. Consider the things that drew you to your home or community in the first place; or the improvements you made that enhanced your lifestyle.

Features you have that many other homes don’t have should be highlighted. Examples would be a mudroom, workshop, screened porch, outdoor entertaining space, extra storage, walk-in pantry, a home office or sunroom.

But don’t discount other features not easily seen like community activities and sports programs or proximity to or shopping and entertainment.

New mechanicals, energy efficiency, green building products are all nice to have but when a buyer walks through your front door they’ll be looking for the hardwoods, granite, functional rooms and lifestyle they want before anything else.

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