What do you think of the new Alpharetta City Center plan?



ALPHARETTA, Ga. -- Are you interested in the future of Downtown Alpharetta? Would you like for your voice to be heard concerning the city’s plan for developing the Alpharetta City Center Project?

If so, the city of Alpharetta encourages you to participate in its online forum concerning the newly revised conceptual site plan for this very important project. It takes only a few minutes to visit the forum to view the plan and offer your thoughts. While there, you can also read the comments posted by other citizens.

You can also visit the City Center Page of the city’s website to view all of the previous presentations and images associated with the project to see how it has evolved throughout the planning process.

Finally, please consider participating in the discussion about City Center during one of these upcoming meetings:

City Council Meeting

Monday, June 11

Alpharetta City Hall

6:30 PM

City Council Meeting **

Monday, June 18

Alpharetta City Hall

7:30 PM

** City Council is scheduled to formally consider and vote on the plan during this meeting.

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