What Does the Court Consider in Setting child Support



Everyone wants to know what the court considers in determining child support. Since 2007, there have been a number of changes in how Georgia courts award child support. For example, the income of the father and the income of the mother is now considered. The age of the child is considered when one of the parents is a stay at home parent. Medical coverage and who pays medical coverage is considered. Child care and who pays child care is considered. Summer camp, afterschool care, private school, and extracurricular activities ( if more than 7% of the family income) are now a part of the calculation. A child’s serious medical condition or serious medical needs are also considered by the court. It is helpful to collect information relevant to these items for any attorney so that they can quickly calculate an approximate child support award. This calculation is not a guarantee, but it can give you an idea of the amount of support the court could award in child support. You should also know that there is a child support calculator provided by the state that allows you to calculate the amount, but you will need the assistance of the attorney to learn whether there may be other forces within your case that may affect your total award. That calculator can be found at http://www.georgiacourts.org/csc/ .

Child support is one of the most important parts of divorce involving children. Having realistic expectations about the amount you receive or the amount you may pay is vital to any successful divorce action. Make sure that you acquire the services of a family law attorney before stepping into the courtroom so that you have a strong understanding of the rules affecting the factor’s the court considers in determining your child support award.

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