We’ve come a long way, baby - Revue & News turns 30



So this is the birthday for The Revue and News. The paper turns 30 this month.

Its first issue was January 1983. Christina and I purchased the Revue & News (then called The ReVue) about 1,400 issues ago from Melonee Bates. The first day of our new ownership, we were the proud publishers of a bi-weekly newspaper with one computer, one very large stat camera, one sales person and a part-time reporter.

When we first started, the Internet was brand new. Email hadn't taken off, either. There was no North Point Mall and Windward Parkway only had one building.

By 1996 or 1997, we were one of the first newspapers in the state to launch online and the first weekly for sure.

Sometime around 1996 or 1997 we had one of the first online coupon sites on the Internet and at one point we had 800 local coupons on our CouponsRus.com.

Our staff grew and we continued to distribute our now weekly newspaper and create our internet and email products.

In the years to follow, we started lots of new publications. Some stuck and some didn't.

The Business Post was published for about 10 years. The first issue – September 1993 – had Harry Blazer on the cover. He was the guy who started Harry’s Farmer’s Market. He’s gone now but Harry’s is still going strong.

Other publications we launched, but were short lived included Golf Atlanta, The Lake Lanier Herald and Gwinnett Herald.

But on the other hand, successful publications include Northside Woman, Northfulton.com, NorthsideWoman.com, The Johns Creek Herald (five years before there was a city) Milton Herald, and Forsyth Herald all of which, along with Revue and News we publish today.

The papers have been graced with Executive Editor Hatcher Hurd since he joined us in 1993.

Many of our delivery staff have now been with us for over 10 years which is unheard of in the industry. One, Gary Khubar has been delivering our newspapers now for over 20 years with total dedication and reliability. We can’t operate the papers without people like Gary.

Looking forward, we have been staffing for the future and have been fortunate to have found extremely talented individuals including Kelly Brooks, our associate publisher; Hans Appen (yes, my son) who wears a number of hats including head of our new media department.

We now offer social media management, newsletters, custom publications and other services. We have the most talented graphics designer we have ever had on staff in David Brown and Lynn Danson who guides our advertising department has more experience in media than anyone on staff. In short, we are ready and excited about tomorrow.

Finally, I would be remiss to not point out that newspapers – at least on the community level -have a strong future and still play a critical role in any community.

So, we at Appen Newspapers wish to thank all of you who have advertised with us all these years and continue to do so, as well as all of our loyal readers.

From all of us to all of you, thank you.

Ray and Christina Appen

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