We’re a community resource for readers



When I attended a Georgia Press Association event last month, I was reminded of the power journalism has as a watchdog of government.

As citizens in Georgia, we all have powers to solicit open government information, but we rarely use these powers.

But on the journalism side, we are supposed to be reporting on your behalf. We are also tasked with a trust the readers have implicitly given us.

We serve as the voice of the people.

And you, the reader, make this news organization.

I want to hear from you.

Tell me how we can better serve you. Tell me what matters to you. What are we doing right and what would you like us to improve upon?

This newspaper’s mission is to reflect its community. We are here to empower readers with timely, useful information and continue forward with an emphasis on community.

Most importantly, our advertisers fund this community resource, so please remember to support them when you can.

The beauty of Forsyth County is that no matter where you live in the county, you know your children will attend a fine educational institution.

The fire service is competent; the police force will protect and serve. Our residents are friendly and neighborly. And government does its job.

Email me your thoughts at aldo@forsythherald.com or call me 770-442-3278.

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