Weddings for Warriors honors military with free weddings



CUMMING, Ga. — Natalie Roth didn’t intend to start a free wedding program for servicemen, but that’s what happened.

“It started out as me calling a few people in the industry to help my daughter’s friend,” she said, “and now we’re planning to provide a free wedding once a year.”

Roth owns Cake Envy, a Cumming-based cake decorating business, and when her daughter’s friend told her she couldn’t afford a wedding, she wanted to help.

“I have a lot of very generous connections in the industry and everyone I called was happy to help,” she said.

Roth organized a group of vendor volunteers, and they pulled a wedding together for Brian and Amanda Chambers in about a month.

“Brian wasn’t given the time off he expected and we had to change the date,” Roth said.

“All of the vendors made schedule changes and we were able to create a beautiful wedding two weeks earlier than we expected.”

Some 18 vendors participated and donations poured in from the location and the deejay to the flowers, an antique Rolls Royce and even the table centerpieces, Roth said.

“The entire wedding was donated by local vendors,” Roth said.

She said they hit a few bumps in the road, but she’s proud of what they accomplished.

“Most of the vendors are excited to do this again,” Roth said. “Right now, we’re working on a way to determine how to pick a service person to do this for.”

An application process is being considered to include an essay and community recommendations.

“We considered providing this to only wounded warriors, but all of our military deserves a beautiful wedding,” she said.

Amanda Chambers couldn’t believe her entire wedding was free.

“I was going to get married at the courthouse,” Chambers said. “The whole wedding was beautiful, and I’m so grateful to all of the vendors for donating their services and time to Brian and me.”

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