We got a solution for you... Dental Implants



Do you struggle to eat the foods you like, worry about smiling, and get

embarrassed to talk with friends because of missing teeth or a loose, unsteady denture?

By Dr. Ushma Patel from Center for Advanced Dentistry

If you have dentures you probably hate them. Rather than give you a finger-wagging lecture about “you should have taken better care of your teeth in your youth,” I think I’ll just tell you what you can do to finally get rid of that glass of water on your nightstand.

How do you do it? Dental Implants. This amazing breakthrough in dental technology can free you from slipping, loose or otherwise bothersome dentures forever. With implants you can once again enjoy the full flavor of your food. They can let you enjoy foods you couldn’t eat before. Implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth.

Here’s how they work: Small anchors are placed into the bone structure in the same place your natural teeth were once located. Then dental restorations are placed over the anchors. The result is natural looking teeth that look so much like real teeth that only a dentist can tell the difference. And sometimes even we have a hard time!

Consider this: Modern medicine can provide prosthetic devices such as artificial limbs, “glass” eyes, even cosmetically rebuilt ears and other body parts. But no one expects these to perform in the same way the original equipment did. In other words, you wouldn’t expect to be able to see out of an artificial eye or bend the toes of a prosthetic foot.

Yet with modern dentistry we can replace the natural equipment (teeth) with human made devices that not only look exactly like the original, but also perform in the same way too.

Even if you only have a partial denture, you can benefit from implants. It’s possible that you may only need one or two implants which can then eliminate the need to use a partial denture. Restore your confidence and improve your life. Ask us what dental implants can do for you!

For more information call Dr. Ushma Patel from Center for Advanced Dentistry at 678-894-7926 or visit www.JohnsCreekImplantDentist.com.

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