Water safety urged in May



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — With temperatures on the rise and summertime approaching, this is an ideal time to think about water safety.

Drowning can occur in many locations, not just the pool.

The Forsyth County Fire Department has provided the following safety tips to help prevent drowning.

Never swim alone; use the buddy system. Neither adults nor children should swim alone regardless of age or skill level. If a child is missing or unaccounted for, always check the water first. Always know where children are. Never leave a child unattended in or near water.

Designate a responsible adult to watch young children while in the bath and all children swimming or playing in or around water.

An adult should always be within reach when infants and toddlers are in and around water.

Consider using a certified lifeguard for residential gatherings that include swimming activities.

Always be aware of potential dangers in all environments, including unfamiliar surroundings such as while on vacation or at community pools.

Never use a floatation device as a substitute for a supervisor or as a toy.

Always have some type of rescue equipment, such as a lifesaving ring or shepherd’s hook, at poolside. Use barrier devices such as gates, fences, pool covers and alarms. Teach yourself and children how to swim. Learn CPR. Always have a phone nearby in case of an emergency and dial 911 in an emergency.

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