Water... Our Most Precious Resource?



Do you know where your drinking water comes from? Most North Fulton residents get their water from Lake Lanier via the Chattahoochee River. We have seen how a drought can affect lake levels and its impact on water usage. By 2030 the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) predicts 6 million people will reside in the metro area. This is a prime reason we need to re-evaluate our water use outside of times of drought.

Water conservation impacts the environment in a number of ways. When everyone is using water wisely it can make a big difference. People should know that our water resources are limited because we rely on streams, rivers and lakes for 99% of our area water needs. Removing too much water can bring our lakes below ideal levels. This impacts water quality and alters the flow of rivers, which countless plants and animals depend upon.

Several minor changes can have an immediate impact on your daily water consumption around the house. These include:

• Check your appliances and fixtures for leaks

• Shut off the water while brushing your teeth

• Take shorter showers

• Avoid running partial loads in the dishwasher or washing machine

• Rinse fruits and vegetables in a bowl rather than running water from the tap

Did you know that a toilet rebate is available if you replace an older toilet and select a more efficient one? Visit http://www.northgeorgiawater.com/supply-conservation/residential-toilet-rebate-program to see how you might be able to receive a $100.00 credit. Look for the WaterSense© emblem on new fixtures as these products may reduce water usage by 20% or more without sacrificing performance.

Changes can also be made to reduce your water usage outside. These include:

• Most lawns need 1” of water a week to promote deep roots. Use a rain gauge or soil moisture meter to measure and prevent over irrigation

• Harvest rainwater for your plants by installing a rain barrel. There are workshop opportunities throughout the year to “make & take” a rain barrel

• Learn more about water-wise landscaping practices for your yard, such as “xeriscaping”

Use these ideas as a starting point and you’ll begin to discover new ways to save water. It not only benefits the environment; but, you can lower your water bill as well!

Visit the “I’m in. My drop counts” campaign at http://www.mydropcounts.org/ . You will be able to read “Our Metro Water Story, How to Determine Your Water Footprint”; as well as, learn more ways to conserve water.

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