Walmart opens ‘neighborhood market’ in Alpharetta

3rd in state, employs 85



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Haynes Bridge Road is the latest location for a new spin on a familiar business. Walmart opened its new “Walmart Neighborhood Market” Sept. 19, the third in the state and one of less than 200 in the country.

Essentially a stripped-down version of the typical superstores, the neighborhood markets offer all sorts of groceries, produce, frozen foods and pharmacy services.

Alpharetta’s store is located in the space of the former Winn-Dixie at the corner of Haynes Bridge and Old Milton Parkway. Occupying 46,000 square feet, manager Jikovey McCurdy said the store will employ 85 workers during its 24-7 workday.

“You can’t pick a better place,” McCurdy said. “Taking over a vacant store helps the other stores [in the shopping plaza], and it’s convenient. We hope people will stop in on their way to and from work, just to drop in and drop out.”

McCurdy himself is the Walmart success story, joining the chain while in college as an hourly worker and working his way up to become a store manager. He moved to Alpharetta with his family to manage the store.

“I’ve heard so many great things about [Alpharetta] and the school system,” he said. “It’s a great place to live.”

The space Walmart now occupies was left vacant for many years. Nearby businesses are cautiously optimistic that the presence of such a store in their shopping plaza will help their own bottom line.

“Hopefully, we’ll get more foot traffic,” said Will Rubio, manager of Your Serve Tennis. “We can only hope to be affected.”

Alpha Bikes owner Michael Horowitz said there were pros as well as cons to having a new neighbor.

“It will pack the parking lot,” he said. “But even if it leads to three sales I didn’t have before, it’s still good.”

On its first opening days, the parking lot was nearly filled to capacity in front of the Walmart, which could be a good sign for the Bentonville, Ark.-based company.

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