Wallace book a roadmap for elections



NORTH FULTON, Ga. – Former UPS executive Ron Wallace has written a book that serves as a guide to creating a campaign team, organizing volunteers and getting out the vote.

It is practical, savvy and can save a candidate a lot of time that he or she doesn’t have to squander on dead ends. It is a quick read with checklists that make organizing a campaign easier. And it has plenty of practical advice for keeping the campaign on the right track.

For instance, take yard signs. They are a big expense, but they get a candidate’s name out there. So keep it in perspective. Don’t worry about missing or stolen signs. More important is to identify groups most likely to disagree with your candidate. Ignore them. The fight is for those voters most likely to be swayed.

Other advice:

• Social contacts are better than political. Sen. John Albers in his campaign sent voters birthday cards and followed up with a personal phone call of congratulations. People remembered that personal touch.

• Know a subdivision’s key issues, and then have supporters knock on every door prepared to talk about them. Politics is personal.

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