Vote early North Fulton, the ball is in our court



I believe North Fulton has a good opportunity to show its civic duty.

I’m talking about the special election Jan. 8 for the District 21 state Senate seat to replace Chip Rogers.

As you may have read in this paper, Rogers announced Tuesday, Dec. 4, he is stepping down from his seat in the Senate to take a job with Georgia Public Broadcasting.

Two candidates have stepped up: Brandon Beach, the North Fulton Chamber of Commerce chief executive officer, and state Rep. Sean Jerguson of Woodstock.

But the real opportunity in North Fulton is to show up for early voting, which kicks off Tuesday Dec. 18 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 30 South Main Street, Suite 1 in Alpharetta.

Early voting will continue until Friday, Jan. 4, but there will be no voting on Dec. 24, Dec. 25 and Jan. 1 or weekends.

This is a huge deal because we have never had early voting in Alpharetta.

We have had to drive down to Sandy Springs or downtown Atlanta to vote and that, in my opinion, has disenfranchised many voters.

This will be the only election item on the ballot.

Voting early makes it easy and accessible for our area residents to cast their ballot. The good news is that as voters, we will not have to drive to downtown Atlanta to vote.

By going out to vote, we will show Fulton County election officials that we want to have early voting here all the time.

As voters, this is our opportunity to shine. We finally got early voting here. Let’s show Fulton County there’s voter enthusiasm in our community. Not just this election, but every election.

Let’s show Fulton election officials we care about our patriotic duty and we care about voting.

As I said before, do not complain if you do not vote; for you have forfeited that right. Stand up. Lead.

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