‘Visitor’ claims pistol-whipping for friend’s debt



CUMMING, Ga. — A man went to his friend’s house to “hang out,” but was jumped by four people when he walked through the door, according to a Forsyth County Sheriff’s incident report.

The victim told deputies he had been “robbed at gunpoint” Jan. 4 when he went to a home off Roper Road. He said the incident happened two hours before he called 911.

The victim said he had made plans to go over to the house and was driven there by another “friend.”

The driver stayed in the car while the victim went inside.

When he got to the door, four men confronted him and began to beat him. Then he was grabbed and thrown face down on the floor.

He said one of the men stood on his hand so that he could not get up. Then, he saw one of the men draw a pistol.

The men demanded money they said was owed them by the driver who was still waiting outside in the car, and began pistol-whipping him demanding the cash.

He broke free and jumped out an open window in the bedroom, even though temperatures that night were below freezing.

He said he ran to the car where his friend was still waiting and drove off.

The driver said he was surprised that happened and did not know about any debt he owed.

Deputies said the man sustained two large bruises on his head near his temple, a swollen lip and bloody gums as well as scrapes on his knees, lower back and stomach.

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