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Tides Veterinary Acupuncture opens in Milton



MILTON, Ga. — It’s a prickly business and Dr. Deborah Mitchell says it’s good for pets.

Milton-based Tides Veterinary Acupuncture is an in-home service specializing in acupuncture for dogs and cats.

“I’ve worked in small animal hospitals and had many animals with chronic diseases or pain and I felt I couldn’t do anything more for them,” Mitchell said. “Acupuncture became another tool for treatment.”

Mitchell has been practicing veterinary medicine since 1999 and recently began focusing only on acupuncture.

Mitchell’s clinic provides services in patients’ homes.

“We want the animals to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible,” she said. “Treatments are given with their owners with them.”

An extensive initial exam is given at the first consultation.

“We review all medical records from the pet’s regular vet and also discuss lifestyle, diet and personality so we can find the best option for the animal,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said she treats animals for several conditions including hip dysplasia, arthritis, kidney problems and even issues like irritable bowel syndrome and asthma.

“Cats typically have issues with kidney function and asthma while dogs experience issues such as hip dysplasia, but there are several conditions of which acupuncture can improve,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said the sessions last anywhere from five to 30 minutes are usually relaxing for the pet, though some cats don’t make good patients.

“Often the dogs will fall asleep during the treatments but with cats, it depends on the cat.”

She said the needles are tiny and the animals are not sedated.

“We usually see results after a few treatments in a short period of time and then decrease the amount of treatments from there,” she said.

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