Using a sales methodology improves win rates



Is your small business using a sales methodology to enable a more effective sales process?

Do all of your sales representatives adhere to your sales methodology to qualify and pursue new business?

Most small businesses don’t follow a defined sales methodology, and subsequently, they sub-optimize their win rates and revenue growth potential.

What exactly is a sales methodology?

At its core, a sales methodology provides sales professionals with a framework and step-by-step instructions on all aspects of the sales process. Don’t confuse a sales process with a sales methodology.

A sales process tells you what to do, and a sales methodology shows you how to do it. Knowing what to do without how to do it is a recipe for disaster.

It’s like baking a cake.

You may know what ingredients to use and how long to bake the cake. But the methodology of baking a cake is the step-by-step directions on how to mix the batter, when to add the ingredients, how long to bake it and what to do when it’s done.

It’s the same thing for sales.

All sales professionals know that you find leads, convert them to opportunities and then close business.

But there are many routes you can take in this process, and all of them don’t produce the same results.

Following a sales methodology can help you better qualify leads, work more effectively with opportunities and close more business against your competition.

Using a sales methodology is a proven way to improve your win rates, and if you are winning more business, it is helping you grow your small business!

BUS 04-2-14

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