Using LinkedIn Job Posts To Attract Candidates



With the New Year already here, does your business plan include hiring more people? Have you had any difficulty in identifying good candidates? Are recruiters not sending you enough resumes? Attracting job candidates is the first step in the hiring process and LinkedIn Job Posts can really help you.

To “Post” a job on LinkedIn you have to have a personal LinkedIn account and also a LinkedIn Business Page. You also have to “follow” the business page and verify your business Email address. Once that is done the process is very simple. Just click on “Post A Job” and fill out the simple form. The form includes Job Title, Company, Location, Job Type (Full Time, Part Time), Experience, Industry, Job Function and Compensation. You can add Job Description information and also the Desired Skills & Experience you are looking for. The job post will automatically include the Company Description from your LinkedIn Business Page.

Job seekers will now be able to use “keywords” to identify job opportunities, and yours will be one of them. It is important that you use the right keywords for your Job Title so that job seekers will find your job post. All LinkedIn users have access to jobs that have been posted on LinkedIn, but they can “narrow their search” by using the advance search function. This allows them to identify jobs in a specific geography, industry or function.

Once a job seeker finds your job posts they can apply on-line. This includes providing basic contact information as well as uploading their resume. LinkedIn also allows you to use a hyperlink that will take the job-seeker to your website or recruiting site to apply there. In either case you will be notified that someone has applied and be able to initiate contact with them if they meet your qualifications.

LinkedIn also allows you to “sponsor” a Job Post. For a fee ranging from $250-300, your job post will be moved to the top of the search and also be recommended to LinkedIn users whose profile meets the requirements, skills and experience you are looking for. Sponsoring a job post requires you set a budget and a dollar amount for “clicks.” This means if someone clicks on your job post you will be charged, but the total charges will not exceed the budget you set.

Many small business owners are using this affordable and simple method of attracting candidates with great success. If you need to hire people in 2013, using LinkedIn Job Posts is a great way to identify candidates. My best to everyone for a prosperous, successful and happy new year!

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